EventPoint API WebServices Reference

EventPoint API provides traditional SOAP based web services.

In order to use the EventPoint API, you must have an apikey. All requests must include code and an apikey values. For Web Services, you may include these parameters in each method call.

Please replace the version number where /n.n is specified. Current version is 2.3

Name Description
code Your event's unique code
key Your API access key

Retrieving Program Data



Method Description
GetProgram Get Program information
GetConfiguation Get additional configuration info
GetTopics Retrieve and Query topics. By default, the pagesize (number of topics returned) is 100.
GetTopic Retrieve a single topic for ID, Code, or Name
GetDays Retrieve Days
GetTimeslots Retrieve Timeslots
GetRooms Retrieve rooms
GetAgenda Retrieve conference agenda - this is distinct from topics
GetCategories Retrieve categories
GetCategory Retrieve a single category for ID, ShortDesc, or Name
GetPageContent Retrieve page content for a content ID or Code
GetDocuments Retrieve the event's documents, slides, and other assets
GetSpeakers Retrieve the event's speakers
GetSpeaker Retrieve a single speaker for ID or Name
GetSessionChanges Retrieve session changes, filtered by date and/or registrantKey
GetSurveys Get surveys for session evaluations
GetRegistrants Retrieve all registrants
GetDocuments Retrieve all documents

Manipulating Schedule Data


Note, you must have an administrative apikey to access Registrant data.


Method Description
GetRegistrantSchedule Retrieve a registrant's schedule
AddToSessionRegistrantSchedule Add a session to a registrant's schedule
RemoveSessionFromRegistrantSchedule Remove a session from a registrant's schedule
RemoveSessionFromRegistrantSchedule Remove a session from a registrant's schedule
GetRegistrantExpos Retrieve exhibitors from a registrant's preferences
AddExpo Remove an exhibitor from a registrant's preferences
RemoveExpo Remove an exhibitor from a registrant's preferences
GetScheduledForSession Get attendees scheduled for a session

Authentication Service

This service is used in conjunction with the EventPoint authportal. Note, you must have an administrative apikey to access this service.


FindByAuthToken Find a registrant based on their email address.
CreateAuthTokenForRegistrantKey Create auth token for registrantkey.
CreateAuthTokenForThirdPartyId Create auth token for thirdparyid.
CreateAuthTokenForIdentityProvider Create auth token for identity provider.



Note, you must have an administrative apikey to access Registrant data.


Name Description
Authenticate Authenticate a registrant by username and password
AuthenticateForPuid Authenticate a registrant by puid
FindByKey Find a registrant based on their unique key.
FindByEmail Find a registrant based on their email address.
UpdateRegistrant Update a registrant's profile.
Example of using UpdateRegistrant method
    string registrantKey = "( some key )";

    var registrant = new Registrant();
    registrant.FirstName = "JOE";
    registrant.LastName = "Briefcase";
    registrant.DirectoryOptIn = true;
    registrant.ShareContacts = true;

    var registrantCategories = new List();

    // to delete all child categories, send a null array of CategoryIds
    registrantCategories.Add(new RegistrantCategory { 
        ParentID = "71c04303-681e-e011-be0d-001ec953730b", 
        CategoryIds = null 
    } ); 
    // otherwise, send an array of categoryIds.
    registrantCategories.Add(new RegistrantCategory { 
        ParentID = "71c04303-681e-e011-be0d-001ec953730b", 
        CategoryIds = new string[] { "2f0ef169-a83f-e011-86d4-001ec953730b", "310ef169-a83f-e011-86d4-001ec953730b" } 

    // registrant info is treated as a property bag
    var registrantInfo = new List();
    registrantInfo.Add(new RegistrantInfo { Name = "HotelAddress1", Value = "2904 N. Bayview Ln." });

    var registrantData = new RegistrantData
        Key = registrantKey,  //  NOTE: the registrant Key needs to be set on the RegistrantData object, NOT the Registrant inner object
        Registrant = registrant,
        Categories = registrantCategories.ToArray(),
        Info = registrantInfo.ToArray()

    var regService = new RegistrantService();
    var updateResult = regService.UpdateRegistrant(code, apikey, registrantData);



Note, you must have an administrative apikey to access personalized data (or to update data).


Name Description
GetThreads Authenticate a registrant by username and password
GetThread View messages in a thread.
GetMessage Get a message based on ID.
SaveMessage Add or update a message.
DeleteMessage Delete a message ( clear it's subject * body, technically ).
FollowMessage Follow a message for a registrant.
UnFollowMessage unFollow a message for a registrant.
GetMessagesFollowed Get all messages followed by registrant.
GetMessagesByPerson Get all messages posted by a registrant.
GetLatestForThread Get latest messages for a thread.

Directory and Meetings


Note, you must have an administrative apikey to access Registrant data.


Name Description
GetPeople Search registrant's that are opted in to the attendee directory
GetPerson Find a specific person by key or name
GetSimilar find similar registrants
GetContacts Get a registrant's contact
AddContact Add a registrant's contact
RemoveContact Remove a registrant's contact
SendMessage Send a message to a contact
GetMeetings Get a registrant's meetings
GetMeeting Get the details for a meeting
SaveMeeting Add or Update a meeting
CheckMeetingAvailability For structured meetings, check and see if the time is available.
UpdateMeetingInvitees Add or remove meeting invitees
CancelMeeting Cancel a meeting
AcceptMeeting Accept a meeting invitation
DeclineMeeting Decline a meeting invitation
SendMeetingMessage Send a message to all meeting participants



Note, you must have an administrative apikey to access eval data.


Name Description
SubmitSurvey Submit a session evaluation. Surveys can be retrieved via the ProgramService.
CanSubmitSurvey Determine if a registrant can submit a session evaluation
CompletedSurveys List completed session evaluations
Example of using SubmitSurvey method

        AnsweredQuestion GetAnswer(Survey survey, int qnum, string avalue)
            var aq = new AnsweredQuestion();
            var q = survey.Questions.First(x => x.Num == qnum);
            aq.QuestionId = q.Id;
            aq.AnswerIds = new string[] { };
            if (q.QuestionType != "4" && q.QuestionType != "3")
                var ans = q.Answers.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Text == avalue);
                if (ans != null)
                    aq.AnswerIds = new string[] { ans.Id };
                aq.ResponseText = avalue;
            return aq;

        void SubmitYourAnswers()

            var surveyResult = new SurveyResult
                SurveyId = survey.Id
            var q1 = GetAnswer(survey, 1, "{ answer id 3 }");
            var q2 = GetAnswer(survey, 2, "{ answer id 2 }");
            var q3 = GetAnswer(survey, 3, "I loved it!");

            surveyResult.AnsweredQuestions = new AnsweredQuestion[] { q1, q2, q3 };

            var evalService = new EvalService();
            var result = evalService.SubmitSurvey("code", "apikey", "registrantKey", "topicid", "survey id", surveyResult);


Inbox Messages


Note, you must have an administrative apikey to access Registrant data.


Name Description
Inbox Messages in a registrant's inbox.
SentMessages All of a registrant's sent messages
GetMessage Get a message by id
SendMessage Send a message from one registrant to another
DeleteMessage Delete a message
MarkRead List completed session evaluations
MarkUnread List completed session evaluations

Exhibitor Service


Note, you must have an administrative apikey to access Report data.


Name Description
AddRegistrantExpo Add a registrant/exhibitor association
RemoveRegistrantExpo Remove a registrant/exhibitor association
GetExposForRegistrant Return list of exhibitors for a registrant
GetRegistrantsForExpo Return list of registrants assigned to an exhibitor

Session Attendance and Monitoring Service

Session Attendance and Monitoring Service

Note, you must have an administrative apikey to access attendance data.


Name Description
AddAttendance Add an attendance record to a session.
Attendance Attendence for a session based on topicid, roomid, and/or timeslotid.
ApprovedSessions result set of approved sessions.

Reporting Service


Note, you must have an administrative apikey to access Report data.


Name Description
GetReportDataSet Gets a serialized .NET dataset.

User Groups


Note, you must have an administrative apikey to access User Group data.


Name Description
GetGroups Gets a list of groups.
GetGroup Gets a single group. This method provides more details, and includes group membership and the group thread's.
AddMemberToGroup Add a registrant to a group.
RemoveMemberFromGroup Remove a registrant from a group.
GetGroupsForRegistrant Gets list of groups that of which a registrant is a member..
GetGroupMembers Gets member registrants for a group.
GetGroupThreads Gets the threads for a group.
SaveGroup Add or update a usergroup. If adding, do not include usergroupid.